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Get lightning-fast performance and effortless control with our unmanaged KVM Linux VPS hosting. Instantly scale resources to match your demanding projects.

Linux KVM VPS Plans

Power your projects with high-performance, budget-friendly Linux VPS plans



Billed Monthly



Billed Monthly



Billed Monthly

All the above KVM VPS Hositng Plans includes

Why choose Self Managed Linux VPS Hosting?

Discover the benefits you’ll get with Hostcode Linux VPS hosting.

Blazing Fast Performance

Experience lightning speeds with our Intel Xeon-powered VPS solutions. Your website and applications will run smoothly and without delays.

Total Control and Flexibility

With the ability to customize your VPS kernel and choose your preferred operating system, you have the freedom to tailor your hosting environment to your exact requirements.

Instant Setup and Deployment

Get your VPS up and running in a matter of minutes, minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless setup process.

Robust Security and Protection

Our VPS hosting includes unlimited and automatic anti-DDoS mitigation, safeguarding your website from malicious attacks and ensuring uninterrupted uptime.

Cost-Effective Scalability

Our affordable VPS plans start small and grow seamlessly with your business. Pay for what you need, when you need it.

Robust Security Measures for Your Sensitive Data

We prioritize proactive security solutions to shield your sensitive data and maximize uptime.


DDoS Protection

Access the peace of mind that comes with robust DDoS protection, ensuring uninterrupted availability and safeguarding against malicious traffic.


Explore the added layer of security with our robust firewall protection, safeguarding your VPS against unauthorized access and potential threats.

Uptime Monitoring

We use proactive uptime monitoring to ensure continuous availability, keeping your system running smoothly and minimizing downtime.

Hardware Support

Benefit from comprehensive hardware support, ensuring the reliability and performance of your VPS hosting infrastructure.

We are always Just one click away

Experience lightning-fast support with Hostcode. Submit a ticket and connect with our expert team 24/7. Urgent issue or simple question, we’re dedicated to providing swift, expert solutions that empower your success

Technical Ticket Support

Reach out to our dedicated technical support team anytime for prompt assistance.

Email Support

Have a question? Drop us an email, and we'll get back to you without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is KVM VPS hosting?

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a type of virtualization that turns a single physical server into multiple isolated virtual servers (VPS). Each VPS acts like a dedicated machine with its own operating system, resources, and applications

What are the benefits of Linux KVM VPS compared to shared hosting?

Linux KVM VPS offers:
* Guaranteed resources: No more sharing RAM, CPU, or bandwidth with noisy neighbors.
* Root access: Full control to install any software, customize your environment, and optimize performance.
* Improved security: Isolation between VPS instances reduces the risk of security breaches.
* Scalability: Quickly add more resources as your website or application demands.

Can I choose my Linux distribution?

Yes! At Hostcode we offer a selection of popular Linux distributions like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and more. You’re free to choose the one you’re familiar with or that best suits your project needs.

How do I manage my KVM VPS?

There are a few common ways:

* Control panel: Providers often offer a web-based control panel (like cPanel, Plesk) to simplify managing files, databases, and settings.

* SSH access: For advanced users, secure shell (SSH) access gives direct command-line control over your VPS.

What kind of performance can I expect from a KVM VPS?

Performance depends on the resources allocated to your VPS (CPU cores, RAM, storage type). KVM virtualization is known for efficiency, so you get near-native performance with minimal overhead.

Is KVM VPS hosting secure?

KVM offers strong isolation between virtual servers, reducing security risks. However, always choose a reputable provider with solid security policies and measures like proactive monitoring and anti-DDoS protection.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my VPS plan later?

Yes, scalability is a major advantage of KVM VPS. Most providers allow you to easily upgrade or downgrade resources within their available plans as your needs change.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my VPS plan later?

Yes, scalability is a major advantage of KVM VPS. Most providers allow you to easily upgrade or downgrade resources within their available plans as your needs change.

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